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How much do they cost?

The rental cost is $150. There is also a $100 refundable deposit. Once I receive the extensions back after your event and confirm there have been no alterations or damage, the deposit will be returned.

How long do I get the rental for?

Hair extensions rentals are for approximately 5 days. You can pick them up a day or two before your event, and return them within 2-3 days afterwards.

Do I need to wash the hair before returning it?

No need to do anything with hair after your event in terms of maintenance. Simply place the extensions in the provided storage bag after you use them.

Can I cut the hair if my style requires it?

No. Any damage or alterations to the extensions will result in the forfeit of your deposit.

How do we ensure a perfect colour match?

After I receive your inquiry form I will ask for a picture of the back of your hair in natural light. You can also come for a personalized colour matching if you're unsure.

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